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Having lent color to Islamic clothing sector with its distinctions and founded in Konya in 1998, Estila has become one of the enterprises steering Islamic clothing export in Turkey by means of company’s rapid development thanks to its large production capacity and modern plants.

Along with its effortlessly available products at many points in Turkey, Estila keeps on sales with its wide color and product ranges prepared by using seasonable fabrics for classic, sportive, Islamic clothing and modern designs of topcoat, long jacket, coat and mantle.

Estila aims to carry on its success with its 2015 Spring/Summer collection as well. Seasonable/ summery woman outerwear products in the collection reflect values of Islamic clothing and distinctive modern style of Estila.

Estila 2015 Spring/Summer selected colors consist of; claret, damson, red, dark blue, petroleum, saffron, green, saxe, ecru and popular color tones. We give particular importance to quality and design genuineness of our all models.

Estila has taken its all own produced products under preservation with “Design Registration”.

We wish many and more peaceful years together...